Wednesday 200520


Wednesday 200520


Let me preface this by saying we’re all learning, so this week is sort of finding kinks. And I believe this will all be temporary anyway!
*please reserve you spots, but don’t “sign in” to class. We will sign you in when you arrive or you can when you get there.
*watch the late cancellations. We created a 72 hour window to reserve class spots, and I think I’ll increase that next week to 6 days. But cancelling needs to happen 4 hours or more before the class starts to let people see there are open spots. 10-30 minutes before class isn’t enough for some of our members to even make their drive to class.
*if your class has a class immediately before or after it, please refrain from coming inside to 5 minutes before, and try to be out 5 minutes before the next class. This will allow everyone to get the stuff and leave before the next group shows up.
*I can’t wait for this to be over!

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