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Wednesday 190220


Wednesday 190220


The 2019 CrossFit Open begins this week. While there have been some changes to the selection process for the CrossFit games, the open for the 99% doesn’t change. We will continue our tradition of watching the announcement on Thursday night at 6pm, which means there will be no 6:15pm class on Thursday for the next 5 weeks and we will make sure the 5:15p class is wrapped up early to watch.
Friday we will program the 19.X workout, so the classes from 5am-12p will run as scheduled and we will run likely 2 heats of the open workout and you will judge for the other members of your class. In the evening we will not have classes but instead run our Friday Night Lights.
Friday Night Lights means come watch our members compete in the open workouts and the will be heats to sign up into. A suggested warmup will be posted and you will be on your own to make sure you are ready when your heat begins.
The open is a very fun and excited time. I encourage you to join in!

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Metcon (Time)

3 rounds for time

18 Front squats 155/105lb

15m Handstand walk

12 Strict Hspu

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