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Wednesday 180809


Wednesday 180809

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30 Strict Muscle ups for time (Time)

Important distinction for today’s workout, I’m asking for the strictEST muscle ups you can do, with a cap of 20 minutes. If you can do full strict, awesome. If you need to add some kip to get the 30 reps in under 20 minutes, great. If you need a full kip to get them done, still great, and I would add in the regular 30 muscle ups for time component as well.

If you do not have muscle ups, alternate between 7 controlled pull-ups and 7 dips for 10 rounds or 20 minutes, whichever comes first.

If you’re close to a muscle up, 10 minutes of skill work or attempts followed by 10 minutes of the pull-ups and dips option.

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