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Wednesday 130904


Wednesday 130904


Not to harp, but if you haven’t added yourself to the Boise CrossFit SugarWod app I encourage you too. It’s a great online whiteboard and pr tracker. Unfortunately so far looks like its just for iPad and iPhone. Hopefully they’ll get a droid version up soon.

Whole Life Challenge update!
Currently there are 27 ppl signed up. I know many of you are still waiting. As it sits, the first place prise for winning the challenge is $200 cash. If we get 40+ signed up that prize goes to $300 and if we can get 80+ the prize goes to $500. I’ll keep you posted on the current tally as we get closer to Saturday. (Yes there will be 2nd and 3rd place prizes, the more folks we get registered, the better we make the prizes!) And remember, if you sign up for the challenge you get an extra free class each week, so right there it pretty much pays for itself right?
Tomorrow we will announce the Boise CrossFit WLC workout. (No it is not the official one in the WLC site, this one is a Boise CrossFit special)

One more time
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Workout of the day:
3 position snatch
(High hang, hang, floor)
Start light and build heavy. Focus on hitting the proper positions.

I’m going to head to the Boise High track after the noon class in Thursday. If anyone wants to meet me I’ll prob start running around 1:45-2. I’ll post the running workout tmw, if you’re in the club start letting us know by posting “done”, times or general feelings of “oh f my hamstrings”.

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  1. Ivory

    Does the run club also post their workout and sentiments on SugarWOD? That would be cool…because I’d give those folks some bumps for that ish…it looks kinda hard! 🙂

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