Wednesday 130626


Wednesday 130626

Behind the neck jerk

AMRAP in 5 minutes
Shoulder to overhead 95lbs, 20 reps
40 double unders

What is your least favorite exercise to do? Why?

8 Responses

  1. ivory

    Behind The Neck Jerk. or A WOD That Requires fast Paced Racking Of Heavy Weight On My Shoulders/Near My Neck. It Is Because I Hurt My Neck Doing This At The Charity Challenge. See Ya Tomorrow! Haha….Cherrypickin’

  2. Brian H.

    Oddly enough, anything that I can only do one or two reps of, i.e. chest-to-bars, handstand push-ups, etc. It’s because I know I’ll have to modify almost immediately after the wod starts–sort of discouraging.

  3. Tara C.

    Pushups!!!..takes everything I have in me to do them and it generally takes me forever to finish. Anything upperbody that does not allow much leg help is where I struggle.

  4. Andy

    Conditioning 5 rounds+ 5 STO

    Is it crazy to say there isn’t much I don’t like doing? Some things I like less than others but I feel pretty blessed to be able to enjoy pretty much all of this!

  5. Finn

    Yes, Andy – that is crazy. Just kidding – we are all extremely blessed to be physically able to do all of this – or at least try to do all of this. 🙂 With that said – I hate sprints. I always have. It may be because I am physically incapable of running fast and am therefore ALWAYS last, or it may be because it just hurts.

  6. James P.

    Sit ups. I seem to fall off a cliff after about 30. It also seems to take me a couple days to recover when we do a workout with a lot of sit ups.