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Wednesday 121010


Wednesday 121010

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Breaking the Mental Barrier
Written by Josh Bridges (CrossFit Invictus)

The mind is a powerful thing, it can help you get through tough times, or it can cause you to crumble like Greg Norman in the ‘96 Masters. The strong learn how to handle and control their mind when it starts to rant, rave and tell them to stop what they’re doing. The weak let it take over and OWN them.
Is it possible to develop strategies to break your mental barrier? Absolutely. I prevent this little boss in my head from taking over in a couple of ways.
One more rep.
When that voice inside your head is screaming at you to “put down the barbell” or “get off the bar,” you fight back with one more rep. Completing just one more rep when everything inside of you is telling you to stop is a sure way to grow your mental muscles, and the next time you might do two more reps. Over time, this builds and you begin to control that voice.
Small Goals.
When I am in the middle of a workout, I always have small goals in my head. Small goals add up to big goals. For example, if my workout calls for 30 heavy thrusters, my first goal might just be to get to 5 thrusters. When I get to 5 and still feel good, I start thinking, “good, I’ll do 5 more without rest,” and when I get to 10 and start to feel fatigued I might just talk myself into “two more.” But at 12, I might use the “one more rep,” and then do it again. After a few “one more rep” goals, I am at 16 or 20 . . . and all of a sudden I might be close enough to 30 to either take a quick break and knock out the rest in one set, or even finish it off by chipping away on more rep at a time.
Break through that wall.
My old wrestling coach used to yell at us when he saw us start to break mentally, “Break through that wall, it’s the only way to get strong.” He would say it over and over again. We would barely be able to stand up on the mat, but we never wanted to lose the mental battle, so we would fight and fight until we physically could not stand any longer. That became so deeply ingrained that now when things get rough I can still hear his voice yelling “Break through that wall.”
Your body can handle more than your mind thinks it can. Don’t let that little boss in your head beat you; go out there and show it that you are the boss.

Push press


Six, two minute rounds
135lb push press, 10 reps
135lb sumo deadlift high pull, 10 reps

During each round, push press during the first minute and sdhp during the second.
If you finish early, rest the remainder of the minute.
For each round you do not finish all 20 reps, do a 200m ALL OUT row.

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  1. Ivory

    My favorite trainer at CrossFit Coeur d’Alene, Mandy Jacques, also has a similar story to Josh about overcoming mental barriers in life and in CrossFit. Mandy is a firefighter/paramedic with the Cd’A FD and a part-time CrossFit coach. Being 5’6″ tall about 140 pounds and a woman, she constantly battles situations at work and in the gym that challenge her physical and mental toughness.

    Her story is from college basketball days. The team was new to eachother so the coach took everyone on one of those high ropes teambuilding courses. Mandy was on the tight rope high above the ground…all by herself with everyone below yelling at her. She was petrified. She concentrated on the tree at the platform she was walking toward. She concentrated so hard that everything else disappeared and all she saw was the intricite detail of the bark of the tree and she made it across to a state of euphoric accomplishment.

    Mandy has told this story several times when trying to help us draw on something like it. And sometimes when she can see I am struggling she tells me to “Go to the tree” or you can tell she goes there herself during heavy lifts. I just know she goes there on those brutal car accident calls. It actually does help me, like Josh says, to break down the task into finite steps or break it down into the details of the bark and chip away at it.

    I just thought I’d share. Mandy is a major inspiration to me, one of my best friends, and I hope she will come visit me one day soon so you can all meet her. She is the person who got me started CrossFitting and I’ve never looked back.

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