Tuesday 170808


Tuesday 170808

Boise CrossFit – CrossFit

Your Castro cards will be due this coming Monday, not Friday. We will give you one final weekend to get your stuff done.
Rise and grind will also be open tomorrow (Wednesday) following the 6pm class. If you need your rise and grind stamp, or just want to check them out and can’t make their normal hours, give Max a visit!

Metcon (Weight)

Jerk, one rep on the minute

Add 10 lbs after each successful lift. Ladies add 5 lbs. Start at 155/105 (or lower the weight so you can get 6-8 quality lifts).

You are allowed one miss on this workout. When you miss a second lift you are done. (Not per weight, total)

Split Jerk (Use for reference and to record best rep)

Push Jerk (Use for reference and to record best rep)