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Tuesday 130910


Tuesday 130910



If you need a little help in the kitchen during The Whole Life Challenge, (or just need a break from cooking a couple times per week), Martie Penick runs a meal service called Om Nom. All meals and items are Paleo, and during the Challenge are compliant with the advanced nutrition guidelines. Meals are cooked on Monday afternoons in a commercial kitchen, packaged and refrigerated so they are ready to reheat when you need them, and delivered on Tuesdays to the gym fridge for you to pick up after your workout. The menu is posted every Thursday at, and orders need to be made by Saturdays. You can also find them on Facebook at Feel free to send Martie a message ([email protected]) or ask her about meals when you see her at the noon classes.

Workout of the day
150 wall ball shots for time, 10′, 20/14lbs

Skill finisher
AMRAP in 3 min
30 unbroken double unders
You must come to a complete stop between sets of 30. If you have a miss, you must start that set over.

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