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Tuesday 130827


Tuesday 130827


Single Movement Mind F***:
Burpee clean and jerk
Standing at your barbell, reach down to grab it and perform a burpee, chest touches the bar. As you jump your feet back to the bar plant you feet and power clean the bar. From here you can push jerk or push press.

100 reps for time. 135/95lbs

The CrossFit hotshots wod has been announced and can be found at
We will join the rest of the CrossFit community in the workout this Saturday at 10am. We will have some food and drinks available. We will also be taking any donations for the families and making one donation, if you don’t want to make one on the above site, bring in your donation and we will do it one your behalf.

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  1. austin

    i physically can not move my legs today, the programming from the last two days has left me absolutely WRECKED, im very pleased with the physical and mental results though so thumbs up to andy for the awesome programming..

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