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Tuesday 130820


Tuesday 130820


Introducing the Boise CrossFit Running “Club” with Coach Caleb

Crossfit programing is predominately designed to increase work capacity. Our new running program is designed to help specifically with the running portion and cardiovascular fitness of general work capacity. This program is geared to help with the speed and explosive power needed for running and olympic lifting. Finally this program will help improve your ability to push through the ‘suck’ we all know and love in Crossfit workouts.

A baseline of fitness is required before adding this to the current gym programing. I would recommend that no one that has been doing gym programming for less than a month begin this program. This is not designed to replace current gym work, it is going to be an increase in training volume so you need to have a fitness base to work from.

Now having said all that, this program is 10 weeks in total 1 pre-test week then 8 weeks of training with one post-test week. Our testing will consist of one 400 meter run for time then on a separate day an 800 meter for time.

Training will be two days a week of interval work that will be posted. Again THIS IS NOT MEANT TO REPLACE current gym programming nor is it to be done on rest days. Rest days will become more important now that you are increasing your training volume. Direct any questions to myself via email at [email protected] with ‘running program’ in the subject line or in person and of course either Andy or Chazz. The plan is to hold one of the training days together on day a week leaving one day a week to complete the program on your own.

We will have a sign up sheet on the announcements board and the testing days will be Thursday (any time, your coaches will be aware) and Sunday (10am) this week.

Build to a heavy 2 rep, touch and go squat clean

“The Admiral”
3 rounds of:
20 Burpee Pull-ups
20 Front Squats (155, 105#)
20 Box Jumps (24, 20″)

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7 Responses

  1. Brian H.

    – 185 lb (could have probably have gone heavier, but the “touch and go” part would have been suspect).
    24:09 (front squats balled me up).

  2. Kelly Addis

    This wod was soooo hard. I KNEW 1/2 way through that I wasn’t going to finish.
    There. Was. No. Way.
    But Andy pushed me. Patty (who was just visiting? Crazy girl lol) pushed me. Alana, Echo, the boys – everyone cheered me on.
    You guys rock. Thanks. 30:35 still counts dang it! Ha ha.
    113# 2 rep squat clean.
    1st round 93#, 2nd & 3rd rounds 83#.

      1. Peggy Rollens

        Haha! Kelly…I was killing time while my daughter was babysitting Bart’s little boy…plus I guess I just have a sick fascination for watching people suffer. Your squat cleans were amazing, by the way!

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