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Tuesday 130813


Tuesday 130813


4 rounds for times
400m run
50 unbroken kettlebell swings 24/16kg
Rest 3 min

*scale the weight before you resort to breaking

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    1. Kelly Addis

      That picture is a complete misrepresentation. FIRST of all, it was taken BEFORE the wod. SECOND of all, they look like they are having a jolly good time. Js! 😉

  1. Austin

    What a Gnarley workout today! All mental, though tony and I had to go 5 rounds, still very happy with the results, only time I can remember was my first round 3:17

  2. Tony

    5 rounds 185 reps at 24kg
    I would have to agree with Austin, all bets were off after that first round and I sold the farm on the second, I had nothing left. Still not sure why we did a fifth round but I was too tired to disagree.
    I believe this counts as a time and comment in my post, is this ok Andy??

  3. Loren

    45 lbs.; 26:30 total time; 200 reps.

    This is the first time my pinkies managed to start bleeding. Thank you Comrade Kettlebell.

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