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Tuesday 130319


Tuesday 130319

There are reasons we take judging and validating Open wods so seriously. A guy who posted a 387 on 13.2, the best men’s score, who was also first in his region overall, has been disqualified and you can also see the repercussions for the affiliate. This guy was clearly an extremely strong athlete and deserved a spot at his regionals but based on some misunderstands of movements by both he and his judges, shit hit the fan. It’s unfortunate for sure but also the correct call by CFHQ. You can see the video here:
What’re you thoughts?

Jerk-drop weight-squat clean back onto rack

Alternating Tabata
Wallball shot
Med ball clean

6 Responses

  1. Peggy Rollens

    Correct call by CF headquarters. It’s easy to miss call a rep or two while judging, but to totally disregard the standards is negligence and unfair to other participants. Judges should take their job seriously, especially when the athlete they’re judging is on the worldwide stage. From what I’ve seen at Boise CrossFit, I think we’re doing a good job upholding the standards of movement. Let’s keep it up!

  2. Peggy Rollens

    If you watch the video, you can see the guy working out next to Josh doing step-ups isn’t opening his hips fully on top of the box. Makes you wonder about all scores worldwide, how many of them are not legit?

  3. Joe Nelson

    It’s obviously not a legit 387 and I’m sure some people’s scores slip through. But this guy doing a legit 13.2 would still run the majority of us into the ground and I’m sure he would be competitive at a regional event. I guess my point is you don’t go from a poorly executed 387 to a well executed 285 (my personal score) because you add a couple inches to the bottom of a press and open your hips on a box jump, he’s just FIT. It’s unfortunate for old Josh Golden to get the boot but that’s what happens when you run with rifraf.

  4. ivory

    I think he did take liberties on the movement standards throughout. This is what happens whenyou push that envelope of strict standards vs. what you can get away with; it’s essentially to not over do compliance to the standards if you want to be very very competitive . I think it was the right call and he is being made to be a lesson learned for everyone. I can’t make a comment about the other guy doing step ups, I mean he has his hands on the bar before the clock starts so from the get go that guy fails in adhering to the standards. Haha.

  5. JimG

    It is a disapointment for him especially but it was absolutely the right call from Crossfit HQ. The scary part being if an inadvertant You Tube video had not been posted a world class score would have been validated as correct. Good call Andy on always pushing to have the standards taken seriously!

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