Thursday 210310


Thursday 210310


Open Annoucements
●Thursday workouts will be a skill sessions. Come to class with 2-4 ideas of things to practice. More technical skills and things to be practiced with a lower heart rate. Think 2-4 strung toes to bar or hand switching dumbbell snatches. Not cardio or heavy weights. Then the coach will customize a 20 minute EMOM for you.
●The 6:20p will be cancelled so we can watch the show live. All welcome to come watch here with is, bring a chair. Or watch at home at
●Frisday we will program the workout they announce on Thursday night.
●The 450 to 12 classes will be split into two heats and you will count reps/judge each other. Once we know the time frame and space requirements of the workout we will make a heat schedule for the evening. Sign up on Wodify. This is what I suggest for most of you looking to maximize performance as you won’t be rushed to get warm as you would in a one hour class.
●Probably forgot something…

Boise CrossFit – CrossFit

The goal today is to get better. A goat is something that holds you back in a workout. Usually tings like double unders or overhead squats. So show up today with a few things in mind to practice (low heart rate and purposeful movements) and the coach will customize your workout. If you plan to hit the open hard, I STRONGLY suggest a rest day.

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Goat Day (2 Rounds for weight)

EMOMx 20:

Odd Min: Movement 1

Even Min: Movement 2