Thursday 161222


Thursday 161222


We have a message from Kevin’s family to share:
Kevin’s visitation has been restricted to family and close friends. He is in dire need of rest so he can recover. Please refrain from texting him as well. Even if a message is received from Kevin asking for a visit, guests have been asked to be cleared by the officers watching him as well as the staff taking care of him. Lauren will try to answer messages when I can, but can’t answer often. This restriction has been put in place to allow Kevin to heal. Thank you for continued support, love, and prayers.

Boise CrossFit – CrossFit

Schedule this weekend:
Saturday the 24th: one class, 10am
Sunday 25th: closed
Monday 26th: open gym 10am-noon


Overhead Squat (One attempt for max reps at bodyweight)

In 8 minutes, build to a bodyweight ohs and try one set for max reps. IF you are unable to get to a bw ohs, use a weight you can do for 5-10 reps, but push for max reps at a heavy weight.


Metcon (Time)

For time:

20 Calorie assault bike

20 Clean and jerks, 165/110lb

20 Calorie row