Thursday 160225


Thursday 160225

Boise CrossFit – CrossFit

If you haven’t already heard, today starts the 2016 CrossFit season. We will be canceling the THURSDAY 6 and 7pm classes for the next 5 weeks. 6pm starts the announcement show for the weeks event. Bring a chair and a snack and watch the show with your friends and family. If you don’t come by the gym, you can watch at
If anyone would like to give their first attempt at the workout, be prepared to go for it around 7pm. After that we will program the 16.X workout on Fridays.
This year we are going to do a Friday Night Lights version of the Open workouts. Sign up for a heat on Thursday night or Friday (we will use the whiteboards by the medballs) and we will begin around 5:30pm. The goal here is for you to have a better environment to hit your open workouts. That will lead to better scores (and fewer repeats!)
Many of you know how the Open goes, those of you who have questions, please come to the announcement show tomorrow night and we will hopefully get you ready.
There will also be a sign up rally tomorrow night. Let’s see how many BCFers we can get showing off all your hard work!
Lasty, please take the time to get your judges certification. This is actually a very valuable tool whether you are competing in the open or not. With the time and investment you give in the gym, it really does help to see what we look for on these movements and what value there is in completing reps to the CrossFit standard. Links to the signup page and the judges course are below.


Snatch (Every :90, 7×3, 65%)

Clean and Jerk (Every 2:00, 7×3, 65%)