Thursday 140529


Thursday 140529

Main – CrossFit

Next week we will begin the new Boise CrossFit Fundamentals course. This will be the new point of entry for all members wishing to begin training at Boise CrossFit. This we be a series of 6 classes over 2 weeks in which we will introduce many of the movements we do each day and work on a number of different CrossFit benchmark workouts to establish some reference points as new members move forward.
We have almost finalized the times, it will likely be either monday and wednesday at 7am or tues and thurs at 7pm and saturday morning at 8am. These 6 classes are mandatory for those just starting CrossFit and once they are complete you are welcome to attend any regular class time. I will post this and some more details on the BCF website.
If anyone is interested in getting started, please have them get signed up by emailing [email protected]


400m Walking Lunges (Time)

400m Walking Lunges
Trailing knee kisses the ground each rep

Skill work

Spend at least 15 minutes working on some gymnastics skills:
kip swing, muscle ups, hollow rocks, etc.