Thursday 1400821


Thursday 1400821

Chazz, circa 1999

Chazz Rudolph, circa 1999

By now I imagine everyone has heard that Chazz will be leaving Boise CrossFit to manage a gym in Arizona. All great things must come to and end but this is a really cool opportunity and we are all super excited for Chazz to pursue this next step.
As I look back on the past 6 years of the CrossFit Asylum/Boise CrossFit experience, it occurs to me that so many people are recent new members that many probably don’t know how this whole thing came to be. So let’s take a little stroll down memory lane on how Boise CrossFit happened…
Back in September of 2007 Chazz and I both attended our first CrossFit level 1 seminar in Portland. At the end of the second day we were milling around waiting for taxis and we struck up a brief conversation, something to the effect of “Hey if you ever want to open a gym we should talk.” That was pretty much that. A few minutes later I overhead him talking to someone else that he was Boise. I whipped around and said “Did you say you’re from Boise?” “Yeah man, thats why I said we should talk about getting a gym going.” Oh shit.
So we decided to share a cab back to the airport (with Kelly Starrett in the front seat) shared information. Much of that cab ride was KStar telling us he had taken his medical student loan to open San Francisco CrossFit and that we just need to do it.
I don’t believe we saw each other again until April or so and we met a one of the locations I had scouted out for us to get started in. It was a long summer dealing with mostly¬†bureaucratic stuff but by late August we were ready to get started.
It’s a little crazy to think back to where two guys who were really into CrossFit decided to open a gym together, in the middle of a recession mind you. But to look around today at all the friends we have made and lives we have touched and the family we have created, well its a pretty special feeling.
When someone moves on, even when we know it is something positive, it is still bittersweet. Chazz, while we are excited for you and your opportunity, we will miss your friendship, you coaching, your willingness to always help and stay as long as it takes. Here is to many great workouts ahead. Love you
What is your first memory of Chazz? Post to comments.

Main – CrossFit


Thruster (10 minutes to work to a 1 rep max)

10 minutes is short, move quickly to give yourself a chance to get heavy.


Metcon (Time)

5 rounds
25 Wallballs (20/14lb)
5 Muscle ups


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  1. Andy

    My first memory of Chazz was from day one of our first level 1. They did a mini version of “Cindy” for some demo purpose. I think maybe like 5 people did a 10 minute Cindy and I remember this buzzed haired marine was REALLY good at pull-ups. He’s still pretty good at pull-ups…