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Thursday 130919


Thursday 130919

20130918-234036.jpgRock solid overhead position Sarah!


5 rounds for max reps
Bench press, body weight
Strict pull-ups

Strict is not the traditional standard for Lynne, but it is the standard for today.

Max body weight sled push in 30 seconds. (The sled weighs 65# unloaded.)

Running club
Week 4-day 1

3 rds
200 meter jog
20 meters but kicks
20 meters high knees
20 leg swings
20 air squats

3 rounds of 1,000 meter run with a 4 min walking rest following each. Run this like you would an 800 meter go hard and just try to hang on for the last 200 meters.

Quick note on yesterday’s wod, I saw everyone posting weights on sugarwod but no times. The score for the workout was “time and load”. Be aware of what the workout calls for. A score of 2850lbs might look good but if you don’t see that the time was 30 minutes, all of a sudden it just looks like you just rested as much as possible to get good cleans and forgot that there was a time component. Conversely, a time of 6:30 looks crazy fast, but oh yeah, missed the first 8 cleans and got the last 2 at 115lbs each. I think in both scenarios you’re sacrificing too much of one half of the score.

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