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Thursday 130912


Thursday 130912

Quick note on the running program. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT replace your rest days with this program, this is not a rest day. This is to be done on the same day as a regular gym day for you. Also, DO NOT replace regular gym workouts with this program, the idea is to do both. Lastly, if you haven’t already felt it, you will eventually feel calf and achilles soreness. Start stretching more often and rolling out those calves make it part of your daily routine. If you are lucky to not have felt any of this yet, don’t wait for it to start hurting before you begin to work on it, stretch and roll out before it starts. Absolutely NO ‘smashing’ before running workouts this however can be done after.

Week 3-Day 1

Warm up
400 meter jog
then 3 rds of
10-walking lunges
10-2 for 1 inch worms (two push ups instead of 1)
20 in place high knees
10 leg swings each direction

4 rds
800 meter run 1:1 rest. This means to rest exactly the time it took to run the previous 800.

Bench press

7 minute AMRAP
15 Kettlebell swings 32/24kg
15 Toes to bar

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  1. Loren

    RunningWOD: felt way too slow on the runs, averaged 3:42 a round. 3 AMRAP CrossFit day was another exercise in humility (WOD: 2 rounds, 15 kbs, 12 mod. ttb).

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