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Thursday 130905


Thursday 130905


Running club: week 2 day 1

Warm up
400 meter run
2 rds of
50 meters or so of high knees
50 meteres of butt kicks
20 air squats
50 walking lunges.
then legs 15 swings all directions

10 rounds of 200 meter run all out.
Rest is 200 meter walk. I prefer this to be done somewhere that you don’t have to turn around halfway through. I will mark a new 200 meter at the gym that will be along the current 400 meter course other options to consider are a track or some other course of your choosing that is flat. Again these are all out 200’s. Time these and get an idea of where you are at not necessarily for record keeping but to use as motivation during the workout to stay consistent.

One of the daily points during the WLC is to take a daily supplement.
This can be anything of your choosing. Fish oil, a multi or whatever you know works for you. Our recommendation nor this challenge is the Purepharma All3
This gives you fish oil, vitamin D, magnesium and zinc in convenient daily packet. We have some brochures discussing each in the office at the gym. The Purepharma rep will be here on Friday and I will get a few boxes to be available straight away of anyone wants them. Otherwise they take about 5 days to show up at your door.

Workout of the day
10 rounds for time
10 deadlifts 225/155lbs
10 push-ups

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  1. Cassie Low

    39 to 41 seconds on the 200m runs. Did the first 2 rounds at the track. Got caught in a down pour and had to move inside. Favorite workout so far of the running club!

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