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Thursday 130822


Thursday 130822


Running test number 1:
400m time trial
Yep, everyone gets to play. If you’re not doing the running group work, you’re the control group

Then, for TOTAL time
3 rounds
Run 200m
Rest 200m time
Run 400m
Rest 400m time
Run 600m
Rest 600m time

Boise CrossFit descends on the fair tonight. 6:45pm class will be cancelled. Plan is to meet at the gym around 6:45 and head out around 7. I want to give ppl a chance to shower at the gym if they attend the 5:45 class. Carpooling is an option, parking looks pretty gross, otherwise we will find a meeting place when we get there. If anyone needs to know where just text Andy 2088634741.

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  1. Ivory

    Sweet, I’m going to come by about 630 to cheer on the 545 class and have a delicious cider. Haha…I’ll have to dial in my cider consumption once the WLC starts, I guess.

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