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Thursday 130801


Thursday 130801


Oh you know, just me a Pat Barber hanging out at the CrossFit Games after party.

Take 15 minutes to work up to a heavy snatch

More strength/skill
7 rounds for time/load:
35 double unders
1 snatch ATTEMPT
You will record 2 scores, time and total weight lifted. Example 6:25/1050
If you have a missed rep that counts as your one attempt, move onto the next round with a zero score for the weight lifted. You may change weights at any time, just remember. 1 attempt per round only.

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  1. Andy

    6:03/1230. Rushed it on the last snatch and missed. When I knew I wasn’t going to finish sub 6 I should’ve stepped back. Stupid. Trying again tonight.

    1. Andy

      ~175m of heavy tire flips with Caleb in about 26 minutes.
      Came back and tried the wod again. 7:31/1435 no misses on the snatch but doubles were a struggle

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