Thursday 130214


Thursday 130214


I’m placing an order for these cloth style wrist wraps, I’m hoping the the shop next door can print Boise CrossFit onto them for us as well. I dig these as they take the place of taping your wrists while not being quite as bulky as the heavy duty Rogue wraps. Just curious how many folks are interested. They also come in a big variety and since I’m only ordering a few dozen, if you want something in particular just let me know, check them out here: gym rat wrist wraps


10 rounds
10 deadlift 225lbs
10 push-ups

*10 minute time cap
Record time or total completed reps within the cap.

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  1. Peggy Rollens

    I’d like a pair of the wrist wraps. The aqua blue w/black stitching would look cool w/a black BCF logo. Only bummer is it’s too bad we can’t source these locally. They don’t look that difficult to make if you have the right material and a good sewing machine.