Thursday 130124


Thursday 130124

2013 CrossFit Open is just over a month away. Are you ready?

CrossFit beginners class at 8am! If you have questions about this group session email [email protected] or post to comments.

Looks like we have a big group doing this weeks challenge (Murph) at 11am this Sunday. Everyone is invited to join. Temp should be in the 30’s and at this point I think that’s open garage doors and shirts off weather. Hope to see you all there!

Hang power snatch
These reps should be performed as quickly as possible. DO NOT rest in the hang.
Goal is to do all sets at the same weight.
Rest no more than 90 seconds between each set.

Death by hang power snatch, 115/80lbs

*if you do not make it to the 10th minute, perform a 1000m row penalty. This (obviously) by no means you should scale in an effort to avoid the penalty. Make this challenging.