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Sunday 130915


Sunday 130915


I. Love. Whole. Foods.

The workout today will probably be one of the harder ones we have done, if you do it correctly. The reason being that you never really get a break mentally or physically you are always moving. When you are running your work interval go as fast as you can from the get go and hang on for dear life, there will be a point that you feel like you could walk faster but DO NOT STOP!

Warm up:
Jump rope or row or jog for 3 mins
3 rds
10 scissor jumps
10 sit ups
10 meters of high knees
10 meters of butt kicks

500 meter run rest is SLOW jog 500m then,
400 meter run rest is SLOW jog 400 then,
300 meter run rest is SLOW jog 300 then,
200 meter run rest is SLOW jog 200 then
100 meter run

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