Saturday 160521


Saturday 160521

Boise CrossFit – CrossFit

Team Boise CrossFit Rainbow is in first going into day 2! Watch it live at


Metcon (Time)

This workout will be done in teams of 3. There will be 3 seperate workouts but each team member will only be permitted to participate in 2 of them. Use your teams strengths in the appropriate places!


95 pound barbell Thrusters, 10

15 Bar-facing burpees

95 pound barbell Thrusters, 20

25 Bar-facing burpees

95 pound barbell Thrusters, 30

35 Bar-facing burpees



3 rounds

400m run

21 Kettlebell swings 53/35lb

12 Pullups



15 foot Rope climb, 10 ascents

225 pound Back squat, 20 reps

30 Handstand push-ups

Row 40 calories
One barbell.

Non working member may change weights during Helen.

Run may be broken up into 100m or 200m increments.

Back squat is from the ground. Entire team may assist to get the bar up onto the working members back.