Saturday 140823


Saturday 140823

Main – CrossFit

Come and support MANY Boise CrossFit athletes tomorrow morning at Settlers Park in Meridian! First event starts at 8 am and wraps up around 2! Come cheer on your local CrossFitters.
Also Cameron and Sun are at the Oregon Games in Bend OR this weekend. Check the Facebook page for more updates.

Warm-up (No Measure)

OTM for 8 min
Minute 1:
3 Strict pullups, 5 pushups, 7 squats
Minute 2:
Instep stretch min 1/3
Pigeon stretch min 2/4

Metcon (Time)

Team of 2, 1 working at a time
Row 100 calories
100 Jumping lunges 75/55lb
100 Russian swings 70/53lb
100 Jumping lunges 75/55lb
100 Hand release pushups