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Saturday 130907


Saturday 130907


The Whole Life Challenge begins today! Remember to get started on the lifestyle points with the 1/2 ounce of water per pound of body weight.

The official workout and measuring will be done between 9:30 and 10:05am and the workout will begin shortly thereafter. We will run a few heats so everyone will have plenty if time to get measured before the workout. (If you cannot make Saturday please make arrangements to get your measurements and workout done. We cannot validate scores otherwise!) Sunday 10:30-12 will also be available for WLC stuff.

You do not have to be doing the WLC to participate on Saturdays workout. And hey, if you feel like auditing and playing along, even better.

Workout of the day
Max set of strict pull-ups, 1 min cap

2 minute rest period

3 rounds for time (starting at 3:00)
500m row or 400m run
12 deadlifts, 155/105lb
21 box jumps, 20″ (FGB style)

Subtract 3 seconds from finishing time for each pull-up.

Tomorrow, along with the running club wod, we will announce a 2-3x a week pull-up routine designed to improve you strict pull-up ability. We have nicknamed it “bat wings”. We teased it a few weeks ago and it officially begins today. Everyone is encouraged to participate and you DO NOT need to have a strict pull-up to do this. Please find your baseline measurement to begin sometime this week.

There will be a group warmed up and ready to go at 12pm Sunday at the gym for the running club! Don’t miss out

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