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Remy P


Remy P

Occupation: Financial Advisor – Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
When did you first start Crossfit ?:
I honestly have lost track of the exact date but I ballpark it around 41/2 – 5 years ago.
Favorite WOD or Lift:
I don’t have a favorite just some that I dislike I lot less. In that group I would include long chippers and wods that include rowing or double unders.
Least Favorite WOD or Lift:
Angie and Fran…I’m usually very busy in the office when these wods show up. Least favorite lift is the squat snatch.
Do you remember your first class at Boise CrossFit? What was it like?
I remember some things about my first few classes at CrossFit Asylum. What sticks the most in my mind were Andy’s first reactions to my “standards” at the time for things like kipping pull ups, push ups or most lifts. I think I was getting my forehead to the bar for pull ups and so I learned pretty quickly that first I had to un-learn quite a few things. Those were the days..
I also remember feeling like this small gym was going to be a great fit for me…small, cozy and full of special people. I still feel that way today.
What sort of changes have you seen in your body and fitness since starting CrossFit at BCF?
Without having pre-CrossFit measurements I can simply say that my body today is night and day different because of CrossFit. Clothes fit better and I have lost several inches in my waist. The biggest difference is my strength. When I started I could not do a single pull up. My first Fran time was 12:20. My squat was around 155lbs. Today I can do a 50 lb weighted strict pull up, my Fran is around 5 min and I squat 300lbs. The real fun part has been seeing how this type of conditioning has transferred to the tennis court for me. Every year I compete in a big tennis tournament in Las Vegas and before CrossFit I used to struggle to play enough tennis, run and lift weights to get in shape for this event. Now I simply play tennis a few times a week in the three or four months prior to the tournament, do CrossFit every day and I’m in perfect form to compete.
What are some of your favorite BCF moments ?
In random order:
– doing the Christmas Wod with 100 thrusters and burpees at Asylum while JP was cheering over me. Worst I’ve ever felt while trying to not puke in front of my buddy
– My surprise 40th Birtday Party. Thank you to all at BCF who were there to celebrate with me.
-Andy’s awkward outfits and the joy they cause him
-Doing assault the beach in God-awful heat and having to carry Rob on my back for like 100 yards
-Saturday partner hero wods….and beer afterwards
-Competing in the Open alongside all the other BCF crossfitters
-Doing wods with the old schoolers Rob, Eric, Joe, Kyle, Burke…
What are your CrossFit Goals:
I want to work on my weaknesses and continue to improve everything. As long as I can keep doing that CrossFit will remain a challenging and fun way to stay fit. I used to want to compete at Regionals. Now I know that to do that would take way more time and commitment that I have to give.
Any advice for someone just starting out ?
Realize CrossFit is a great but long journey so take your time and go slow in the beginning. Focus on great technique not PRs early on. PRs come later and with much fewer injuries if you become a student of technique. At BCF you’re in a good place for that.
Anything else that you would like people to know ?
I love Crossfit but it would not be nearly the obsession that it is for me without the great people at BCF. I for one would never be able to thrive and excel doing this in a garage somewhere by myself.


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  1. Ivory

    Thanks for sharing, Remy. I apprecaite your hard work ethic in the gym and your whole family loves CrossFit…that is a great thing to see!

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