Regionals Fundraising WOD!


Regionals Fundraising WOD!

Boise CrossFit – CrossFit

Come join us today for our regionals team fundraiser! We want to start at 9am so please come early to warm up.
Shirts will be for sale for $30 and we will waiver your participation fee for todays event. If you don’t care for a shirt, please bring $10 at the door.
If you don’t yet have a partner don’t sweat it, we will pair you with someone! And do not worry, we will be able to modify any workout as needed.

Metcon (Weight)

Event 1: Snatch ladder

For time and load

Men – 115-135-155-175-195

Women – 75-95-105-115-125

Teams will send one member to their bar for 5 reps at their first weight. Once finished the second partner will proceed to do their 5 reps at the first weight. After the first 10 reps both will add their second weight to their bar and partner one does 4 reps followed by partner 2 who does 4 reps. Follow this pattern until both partners finish all reps or 10 minutes is called.

Teams may choose to clean and jerk the weight but will only be able to count 70% of the load lifted.

Score is the total of all completed reps.

Tie breaker will be the time both members complete the ladder (add 1# to your score for each second completed under 10 minutes)

Metcon (Time)

Event 2: Deadlift/Burpee


Partner Deadlift

Synchronized Burpees
Male/Female pairs will have an uneven loaded barbell. Rx is 320lb

Male/Male pairs will use 365lb

Female/Female pairs use 265lb

**Scale appropriately

On burpees, partners need to both have their chests on the ground at the same time.

Time cap 10 minutes

Metcon (Time)

Event 3: Thruster/Rope Climb


Thrusters (95/65lb)


Rope Climb

12 minute cap
Teams may share the work any way with only one working at a time.