New You day 6


New You day 6

Boise CrossFit – New You 6 Week Challenge

Hey ladies sorru for the late post!! We want to create a facebook group for you ladies so look for that invite this weekend and if you’re not friends with Caitlin, Jamie or myself lets change that!
We also wanted to gauge some interest on a tshirt for the group so let your coaches know today.


(No Measure)

2 rounds

5x passthrough pvc

5x OHS pvc

5x squat jump with pvc in back rack position

Hang snatch with pvc and empty barbell


3 hang snatch + 1 overhead squat (Do 8 sets, record your heaviest set)

Perform 3 hang snatches from above the knee, after the third rep, do one overhead squat


Deadlift (5 sets, on the minute, 5 second lower to the floor)


Metcon (6 Rounds for reps)

4 rounds of tabata work at each station. Complete all 4 rounds before advancing to the next movement.

A. Plank walk ups

B. Squat jump

C. Burpee

D. Rowing

E. Situp

F. bent over row (2x kettlebell)