New You day 3


New You day 3

Boise CrossFit – New You 6 Week Challenge


(No Measure)

5:00 of dynamic stretching then:

4 Rounds (4 minutes)

1x Tabata Mtn. Climber

1x Tabata Plank Hold

right into

4 Rounds (4 minutes)

1x Tabata Sit-up

1x Tabata flutter kick (8:00 total time)

Skill work

Kettlebell swings


Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)

Interval Work

4x 30/30 at each station. Perform 30 seconds work followed by 30 seconds rest at each movement. Complete all 4 sets before advancing to the next movement. Clients can start on any movement and just rotate through in the same order.

A. Airdyne bike

B. Air Squat

C. KB Swing

D. Rowing

E. Push-up

F. Ring Row

24 minutes total time