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Monday 130812


Monday 130812

Click on this video for the Whole Life Challenge we will be participating in next month. Looks like some changes have been made from last years as well. I’ll keep dropping more info and tomorrow the registration link including a $5 off code.

Rumor has it Coach Amber and Tom are the parents of a brand new, 8.5lb baby boy! Congrats you guys!

15 min to find 3RM front squat
DO NOT take more than 5 sets to find this.

For time:
1000m run
3 rounds
20 front squat 135/95
25 pull-ups

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  1. Brian H.

    235 lb x 3
    Metcon–24:51. Part of the 3rd set of pull-ups was done on a taped bar. Andy rebuked me harshly then called me a “pull-up bar whore.” All in all, a good day at the gym!

  2. Tony

    295×3 – not sure what you are putting in the water at BCF but it is working!!!
    15:36rx – and ran an extra 300m because I cant follow directions
    Nice job today Brian but you did move like 7 times

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