Monday 120924


Monday 120924


WOD 120924
15 minutes to find your 1 rep max “cluster”
This is a squat clean directly into a thruster.


For 7 minutes
Do a max set of strict pull-ups on the beginning of each minute.
As soon as you come off the bar IMMEDIATELY drop into a plank (forearms down) and hold the remainder of the minute. You are allowed NO rest in transition, for the entire 7 minutes you are either planking or doing pull-ups.

2 Responses

  1. Melissa

    Cluster: 135#
    Pull-ups: 30

    I wish everyone could have seen Ivory’s 145# press out of her squat with pretty much one arm! It was like slow motion:-) She did a redo and nailed it.

    1. Ivory

      Hehe…thanks Mel. Not sure why I didn’t want to not finish that rep even though it obviously wasn’t a properly executed cluster….I was basically a walking zombie all day yesterday. It definitely helped getting some hip hop on the second attempt!