Monday 120910


Monday 120910


5 days until WLC

This week we will be”testing” a number of different moves. The plan is to max on back squat, deadlift, pullup, bench press and jerk on different days. Keep an eye on the posts through the week if you have a preference which ones you show up to. For instance for many of you, I’d suggest showing up on a max squat or deadlift day is much more beneficial than pullups (esp if you don’t have weighted pullups).

Take 20 minutes to establish a 1 rep max jerk. Any style. Use a rack.


Deadlift 225
Handstand pushups

4 Responses

  1. Andy

    315 split jerk. I think this was a front rack PR. A few attempts at 335 weren’t happening.
    Diane 3:28. Cant complain there, but im sure the 55 hspu yesterday didn’t help. Trying (came up way short) to keep up with Chazz helped a ton.