Mike S


Mike S


Name: Mike S

Age: 37

Occupation: Airline Captain

When did you first start CrossFit? December of 2012

Favorite WOD or Lift: Any Olympic lift, or heavy lifts in general. The strength/skill portion of the WOD is my favorite. Lifting heavy is a huge stress reliever for me. I love the feeling when I leave BCF feeling all pumped on heavy lift days.

Least Favorite WOD or Lift: Overhead squats or squat snatch, only because I lack the shoulder mobility to do the lifts…for now! I’m always working on it.

Do you remember your first class at Boise CrossFit? What was it like? I don’t remember the first class all that well, but I vividly remember my first meeting with Andy and the baseline WOD he had me do after explaining what CrossFit was all about. 500 meter row, 40 squats, 30 sit-ups, 20 push-ups, and 10 pull-ups. 14 minutes and 30 seconds later (using the green band for pull-up assistance) I finally finished. I was spent. My lungs were on fire, my legs burned, and my arms were jello. I was faced with the reality of how out of shape I was. I was hooked. The only thing I remember from my first class was feeling intimidated, Chazz was the coach, and we did the Bear Complex. I remember feeling VERY humbled because I had to scale the weight and the ladies were lifting more than me…and they all finished the WOD before me.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting CrossFit at BCF? I have more energy. My clothing fits better.  My friends and family have commented how I look leaner and happier.  I wake up and look forward to going to BCF and getting my WOD in with all the friends I’ve made at the 10 a.m. class. When I started CrossFit, I dreaded going to the box because I was intimidated and felt very unsure of myself, and my performance. Now I wake up and get excited about the day’s WOD knowing that I can complete it. I will be stronger. I will be fitter. And most importantly, I will be better than the day before.

What are some of your favorite BCF moments? The first time I did an overhead squat, it was only the 45# bar, but I was stoked! The first time I could do 10 pull-ups without the use of a box or band assistance. When I learned how to do kipping pull-ups…there are so many great moments. Some days I leave the box feeling like I could have done so much better, other days I leave the box energized and excited because I didn’t know what I could accomplish until I tried, and I have really surprised myself some days! Most recently my favorite moment was when I tried the same baseline WOD as when I did my intake assessment with Andy. What had been a 14:30 workout was down to 6:55. The first thing I did when I looked at the clock was to walk into Andy’s office, shake his hand, and thank him for his programming.

What are your CrossFit goals? Short term, I want to improve on my shoulder mobility and work on being able to improve my overhead squat form and squat snatch. My long term goals are to improve my metabolic conditioning and to improve my overall strength and fitness level….and beat Andy in the CrossFit Games.

Any advice for someone just starting out? Don’t quit. No matter how hard it seems, it’s only an hour of your day spent in the box, giving it your absolute best in the WOD. It’s worth it. I travel a lot and I’ve worked out at three other CF affiliates around the country. The programming and WOD’s at BCF are the best! Have faith in yourself, embrace your fellow CrossFitters in the box that are cheering you on, listen to the coaches. They may hold you back or scale your workout, not because they want you to feel held back, but because they want to see you succeed. Have faith in their methods. It works.

Anything else that you would like people to know? I skipped a week of CF in June of 2013 to go rafting on the Selway River. Days turned into weeks, turned into months, and I ended up missing 5-6 months straight of CrossFit. If you think CrossFit is hard, it is MUCH harder coming back after a long break because you know what you are in for. You know how hard it is going to be. You know where you were, but you don’t know where you are, or where to begin again. You can’t simply pick up right where you left off. Stay with it! If you stay with it you won’t ever have to start over again! Boise CrossFit is the best box I have been to. Andy and Chazz have invested a lot of time and money into good equipment, great tracking for the athletes, and well thought out and designed WOD’s. I’ve seen other boxes, BCF really is THE best. Oh, and ask Andy if he enjoyed sitting in the SLC airport all day…