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Masters 121002


Masters 121002

Warm Up
5x Slasher with KB
10 T2B
15x Bird dog ( 30 total )
1 min or 30 sec. scissor kicks



Running for the Farm

8 rds
3min Run
1 min walk


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  1. Ivory

    I’m pretty excited for Oct 27th! I still think we should get a after race shindig going on and combine the Farm Run and Color Run competitors together for some post race frolicking. 🙂

      1. Ivory

        The Color Run in near downtown Boise and the Farm Man Challenge is at Linder Farms, in Meridian. I’m not certain of a mid-point location but I’ll start researching and we’ll get something rolling!

        I mean the gym is mid-way…might be an option for a BBQ..I don’t know? We need to be WLC compliant with our frolicking.

    1. Peggy Rollens

      I’ll be there! I’m not doing the race(s), but would love a BBQ potluck. I’d really like to try Melissa’s Turd Fudge.

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