Friday 201211


Friday 201211


Class caps will start being enforced strictly for the time being. If you are on the waitlist or not signed into class we will have to ask you to choose a different class time that day. Unfortunately we’ve had a few too many overages to not start enforcement. Remember that you can sign up 72 hours before your preferred class. For those of you that are flexible, please notice if you’re attending constantly full classes and if you’re able to adjust and let those with less flexible schedules, everyone wins. Thank you for understanding. If you need some extra clarification as to why this is necessary please reach out.

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Smoothen (7 Rounds for reps)

EMOM for 21 minutes

1: 7 Deadlifts ~65% 1RM

2: 10 Burpee box jumps 24/20″

3: 40 second of max jumping lunges 45/33 (back racked)
Record lunges