Friday 160527


Friday 160527

Boise CrossFit – CrossFit

Reminder, we are hosting a powerlifting meet this weekend so there will be no classes at the gym on Saturday. There will be a track workout posted. If anyone wants to meet as a group we will be at the Boise High school track at 10am

Monday will be Memorial Day Murph. One classes at 10am! Bring your vest/body armor.


Deadlift (20 minutes to find 1 rep max)

Maintain perfect posture and mechanics throughout the lift, or the lift does not count. No dropping from the top of the lift. Hands stay on the bar until it’s at least past your knees.


400m Walking Lunges (Time)

400m Walking Lunges
Volleyball knee pads are $10 at Fred Meyer. I highly recommend these for lunges outside.