Friday 140801


Friday 140801

Here is the post I was mentioning today from Chad Vaughn’s Facebook page. Pretty much just cut and pasted it so you can all see it here. He is a big name in CrossFit and Weightlifting and would be a good person to follow.

Chris Spealler 275lb clean at ~ 145lb bw

Chris Spealler
275lb clean at ~ 145lb bw

Love this pic for 2 reasons, 1 I’m a big Spealler fan and 2 it’s a perfect example of a concept that I talk about and teach all the time, “the reality of weightlifting.”

Notice that he is BURIED in the bottom of the squat which means that he cannot go any lower, and his hips, knees, and yes indeed his ankles are taken to their end range! The reality is that your heaviest weights (or at least weights you’re capable of) will force you here and you won’t be able to control it (ideally wouldn’t want to and shouldn’t control it.)

If you have never been forced into this position, then you are not lifting anywhere near what you’re capable of. If a snatch or clean is the only time you see this ROM, you are severely hindering your potential in the snatch/clean as you MUST use the squat to prepare this for greater potential in the snatch/clean AND safety.

Perhaps your mobility won’t allow you to create a quality position and/or the more weight you put on the bar in the snatch/clean, the higher your body stays/hesitates to drop, sound familiar? I’ve heard so many times, “I just cannot make myself get under the bar, what drills do you recommend?” Answer, full ROM squats, pause squats to make sure that bottom position is USABLE, which means that it is all 3, flexible, comfortable, AND strong(comfortable means that you can relax or disengage quads/hips in the position though without losing the core/back.) even if your quality is not good here, you must go to your end ranges on a regular basis or the necessary mobility and position will never be found. This position I would say is the biggest hindrance in overall potential for the Oly lifts!

Want to hear/learn more about this position and how to improve it (make it “usable”) for you and your athletes? Come see us at the new CrossFit Weightlifting Advanced Trainer Course and you’ll get a heavy, heavy dose of it! 3 scheduled and possibly a 4th to be added between now and the end of the year, check the main site for dates/locations. Very excited about sharing this course with the community, hope to see you there! #squat #pausesquats #prepare #usable @mikeburgener @brucebarbell @jodi_cfctx @crossfit_weightlifting @davedurante

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Last reminder, this Saturday is Bring a Friend!

Run Rope (Time)

5 rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
2 legless rope climb

This workout was programmed for the Masters competition at this years CrossFit Games, and 3 men went sub 10 minutes!!