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Friday 130913


Friday 130913


I know Halloween is sneaking up on us but please, let’s stop the vampire baiting. As for the rest of us, we have no use for anyone else’s blood but our own. Hell, if I spit and accidentally get it on my own arm a little part of me freaks out. I think we can all agree having someone else spit on you is one of the most infuriating things people can do. The spit and blood of others is disgusting.

You would think this is common sense but here is a friendly reminder:

1. If you bleed, cover your wound and soldier on after you’re patched up. There is a tub full of bandaids and other first aid gear in the office.

2. Clean your blood off the stuff you use!!! Barbells aren’t the only thing that people bleed on. Kettlebells, pull-up bars, medballs and dumbbells and the floor also occasionally get bloodied.

I get that calluses tear and shins get nicked but its not just a courtesy to clean your equipment afterwards, it’s important. And it’s not just blood either, if you sweat all over your medbal, hspu mat or bench, please take the extra 20 seconds to clean it off before you leave. There are multiple cleaning stations around the gym and some clorox wipes in the bench by the front whiteboard. If anything is running low, just let Chazz or myself know and well put out more.

Workout of the day
5 rounds for time
10 squat snatch 95lbs
10 burpee box jumps 24/20

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  1. Ivory

    I think these things should be semi-regular reminders during classes. And I think everybody should take more accountability in general cleaning of the equipment they use, i.e. cleaning the rower rails and handles before they get put away….Andy you shouldn’t have to do that for everybody at 830 at night. With flu and cold season coming up we will all benefit from people cleaning equipment off even if it looks clean-ish. Those nasty cold bugs are invisible.

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