Friday 121116


Friday 121116


Kettlebell swing 1.5/1pood

Time to make the Whole Life Challenge winner announcements.
The first place winner overall was ASHLEY SONDERMAN with a score of 3.90 out of a possible 4! She was invited to participate as a family/friend of Murali and Jori. She did an outstanding job and had tremendous results in all three areas of the challenge. Ashley tied for first in workout improvement with 35 more reps along with Gretchen. Ashley deserves a great big round of applause for her effort! Since she earned the top spot but is considered ineligible for the first place prize, we will award her a second $500 cash prize in addition to the official gym first place winner…

JUDY NICHOLS!! Congratulations to the official first place winner of the 2012 Whole Life Challenge! With a score of 3.53, Judy has made some amazing strides. Anyone seeing her at the gym through the challenge can definitely see the results. Great job Judy!! I have heard Judy has no intention of stopping with her new lifestyle. That’s exactly what this was all about and I’m so glad she plans to stick with it!

ALANA LYNN is the second place winner!! Just behind Judy with a score of 3.39 , Alana took the top score in inches lost with 18.5!!! Alana has been working so hard through this challenge and it has paid off with amazing results! New pair of Reebok Nano 2.0’s coming your way!

IVORY CARR took third! I had the pleasure of tasting some of Ivory’s WLC compliant cooking and can say without a doubt that this girl does paleo the best way. Ivory has won a month of unlimited at the gym! Congrats Ivory!

Our last prize is for the best body transformation. Congratulations goes to BRIAN LATHROP! Brian used to be a regular at the gym and family life had taken hold of him. This challenge helped him to take back some control and he did an outstanding job. Brian also took 6th place overall in the points and we are very happy to award him the 4 free months of unlimited membership! Great work Brian!


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  1. Peggy Rollens

    Congratulations, Ashley, Judy, Alana, and Ivory! I’m so impressed with your results! And a big shout out to everyone who participated in and helped with the WLC!

  2. Andy

    The special part about this challenge was that it was both inside and outside the gym. You decide to workout (maybe) once a day, but food choices are constantly happening everyday. The support system that we saw develop was outstanding! So impressed with everyone!

    6:10 as rxd.