Friday 120907


Friday 120907

A few words from the creators of the Whole Life Challenge

The Whole Life Challenge starts a week from Saturday… are you ready?

One of the things that will earn you a point each day of the Challenge is mobilizing (a fancy way of saying “streching”) for 10 minutes. I want to emphasize here that CONSISTENCY is the name of the game. You, I’m sure, have heard of the K.I.S.S. Principle – “Keep It Simple, Stupid”. Well it definitely applies here. Don’t over-think or over-do it! 10-minutes might not seem like much on your first day, but if you do it every day for 56 days, that is 560 minutes – or about 9 1/2 hours. That is a whole lot of stretching that you probably wouldn’t have done otherwise! So keep it short, keep it simple, remember K.I.S.S. and develop your daily habit muscle around mobilizing.

We put together a short video (below) we call “The Lazy Man’s Guide” to help you generate some ideas for yourself in this area. Enjoy!

Best –

Andy & Michael


WOD 120907

5 rounds
8 bar facing burpees
8 deadlifts at 225
8 toes to bar

Immediately into

5 rounds
35 double unders
1 clean (1 attempt only)

Score is total time and total weight of successful cleans.

2 Responses

  1. Andy

    14:03 and 1225 lifted. Should’ve gone a little heavier in round 2 but it’s better than a miss. Also pr’d my squat clean at 315 beforehand. Good day!