COVID -19 Home Workout


COVID -19 Home Workout

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Metcon (Time)


Hip thrusts (Use a band around knees if you have one)

Good mornings with barbell (Use a KB or DB if no barbell, or simply do them

unweighted and slower)

Step ups 24/20″ – one leg at once 25 Right leg, then 25 left leg


Warm-up (No Measure)

“Sally” air squats

The song is called Flower by Moby. When you hear down, actively descend into a full squat but do not relax, keep tension in your hamstrings and back. Don’t slouch in the squat, hold your head and chest up and looking forward. when you hear up, stand up sharply. hold the squats when needed but don’t hang out in a crappy position. stand up and shake it out and resume when you’re able.


do the final round (10 reps) of todays workout NOT for time:

* hip thrusts, you can do this with elevated shoulders, as on a bench or box or couch, or you may do them with your back on the floor.

* for good mornings, as you send your hips back keep a slight bend in the knee, do not keep your knees locked. keep your chest pushed out and your back neutral. do not go down further than you can maintain lumbar curve, often the hamstrings will be a litter, and that’s ok.

* step ups are do be done all of one leg then all of the other, making sure the working leg gets you all the way up before your non working leg touches the box/stump/cooler.