COVID-19 Home Workout


COVID-19 Home Workout

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We are expecting to open back up Monday next week and do a few soft open classes on Saturday and Sunday hopefully to test some things out. Please start making plans to get your borrowed gear checked back in later this week. Also, please don’t just drop of anything you borrowed, it need to be officially checked in, and made sure it’s clean and wiped before it’s returned.

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Warm-up (No Measure)

This is a repeat of out first day of lockdown. Please look back at your score prior to doing this workout.

COVID Prison Day 1 (Time)

4 rounds for time

40 Reverse lunges

30 Situps

20 Pushups
Lunges: Kiss your knee to the floor and stand up tall, alternate legs each rep

Situps: keep your legs straight and touch your hands behind your head and then your toes. If you miss your favorite abmat, roll a shirt or towel under your lumbar.

Pushups: No wodpoints here, and no one is watching. No one but Jesus, make them pretty, tight belly, touch and lift solid-no worming.

Each round should take around 3-5 minutes. Try to get your lunges done in 1-2 sets, same for the situps. I’d rather see clean pushups broken into smart sets than nasty ones fast. Scale to knees if needed or cut reps to something to can finish in less than 2 minutes.


Warm-up (No Measure)

3 rounds

12 alt elbow to the floor lunge stretch (total)

6 inchworms

12 air squat

30 second hollow hold


Metcon (No Measure)

Practice front and back scales for 10 minutes.

Front scale:

Back Scale: