Covid-19 Home workout


Covid-19 Home workout

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We are tentatively scheduled to re-open on May 16th, phase 2. There will still be some short term changes from then until the end of June, mostly class sizes, and I will be posting more when I have solid info on exactly how we will tackle that!!

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200-400m jog

10 leg swings, forward and back, each leg

10 leg swings, side to side, each leg

10 ankle in circles, 10 out circles, each leg

:30 Achilles stretch, each leg

Then, the Hinshaw warmup. I know a lot of you thought i made half of this up!!



10k Run (Time)

Max Effort 10k Run

Metcon (No Measure)

Find a lacrosse, baseball or tennis ball and roll each calf for 2 minutes

Couch stretch for 2 minutes each leg

Straddle for 2 minutes