COVID-19 Home workout


COVID-19 Home workout

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Metcon (Time)

For time, fast and heavy:

21 dumbbell thrusters

Run 400 meters

18 dumbbell thrusters

Run 400 meters

15 dumbbell thrusters

Run 400 meters
Options in lieu of dumbbell thrusters include:

Barbell thrusters

Wallball x2 reps

Backpack/duffle bag thrusters

Squat jumps over an object 4-8″ high

Odd object front/goblet/bear hug squats

Be creative and post your modification


Warm-up (No Measure)

3 minutes of jog/row/bike


4 rounds

15m high knees

15m butt kick

15m broad jump

15m lunges

Rest 1 minute

Then, using a pvc/broomstick/empty barbell, practice the Burgener warmup 3 reps each section:


Begin warming up your thrusters for today’s workout