COVID-19 Distancing Day 4


COVID-19 Distancing Day 4

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Thursdays are the traditional “rest day” for those that workout 5x a week. The other one being Sunday. But rather than full rest, we like a little active recovery on thursdays. So for today, i would like you to go to and signup for the free trial and do the long session for today. It’s a 51 minute “yoga for crossfit” session. I really got a lot of benefit from this program.

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Metcon (Distance)

After the romwod session, give yourself a break. Come back to this after an hour or more.

Use whatever service you prefer and find the song “Flower” by Moby. You may be more familiar with its other name… Sally. Do an elbow plank, and when the song says ‘UP’ go to a straight arm plank. When the song says “down” go back to your elbows. Try to make it the entire song without breaking. Dani and I will be doing this on instagram live around 11am after she finishes up a work call. Would love you to join us!

Plank is the P in SLIPS
Score how much you like plank Sally. 1 to 10. 10 being youll be doing this a few times a week now.