Cary M


Cary M

Name: Cary M
Age: 34
Occupation: Civil Engineer
When did you first start CrossFit? January, 2012
Favorite WOD or Lift: Any 3Rounds for time, Triplet WOD
Least Favorite WOD or Lift: Not a huge fan of kettle bell swings…the kettle bell owns me.
Do you remember your first class at Boise CrossFit? What was it like?
After talking to Andy on the phone, I showed up for a free Saturday 12:30 class as my introduction to Crossfit. The WOD that day was “Jackie”; there was a large group so we did the WOD as teams of two. Jim Rudolph was my partner. Jim and the Swedish Death Metal soundtrack pulled me through the WOD. I was sore for days, but, I was hooked.
I really enjoyed the class format and the “game” nature of the workout. I still do.
What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting CrossFit at BCF?
Within the first 3 months, I dropped significant weight, cut my beer belly in half or more, and my clothes just fit better and more comfortably. I’ve continued to notice progress in my strength and fitness over the last year.
Probably the most gratifying thing is that I feel great mountain biking, rafting, hiking, backcountry snowboarding, etc. due to my improved fitness.
What are some of your favorite BCF moments?
No particular moment comes to mind; it’s the people at BCF that make it great. Andy and Chazz are great coaches, and the usual 10:00 and 12:00 crew rules. It’s a fun and encouraging atmosphere at BCF.
What are your CrossFit goals?
Now that I’m into my 2nd year of Crossfit, my general goals are to continue to get stronger, faster, and improve my skill, technique, and stamina. Hopefully, I can continue inching my way towardcompleting WODs at or closer to prescribed.
I suppose I should learn to like the kettle bell.
Any advice for someone just starting out?
My advice is to not be intimidated or reserved and just do the best you can. It should never be easy.


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  1. Peggy Rollens

    Cary, you’re one of my favorite people to work out with at the gym! You’re always getting after it! I don’t know what you’re talking about re: the kettlebell…